Four Mile Creek Greenway

January 6, 2022:

The Star of the Show:

The unquestioned Star of the Show during our December 28. 2021, outing at Four Mile Creek Greenway, was a Red-shouldered Hawk, perched on a horizontal limb located directly above the pathway.

This raptor was totally unfazed by numerous nearby people, and just carried on with its daily routine!

I spent several minutes standing patiently with my camera, a short distance in front of the hawk, hoping to get some take-off and flying shots.

However, it was not to be!

The hawk remained calmly perched, and I just continued on to rejoin the rest of our small group.

Today, I’d like to share several images of this nonchalant raptor, as well as a couple of photos of Mallards, which we encountered towards the end of our walk.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

January 5, 2022:

Four Mile Creek Greenway:

On the overcast morning of December 28, 2021, I joined a small group from the Mecklenburg Audubon Society at nearby Four Mile Creek Greenway, for my final birding of 2021.

Today, I’d like to share a few of my favorite images from this recent outing:

Swamp Sparrow; Carolina Wren; Golden-crowned Kinglet; Eastern Phoebe; American Robins; Song Sparrow; and three photos of Downy Woodpeckers.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

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