Riverbend Park

January 8, 2022:

Riverbend Park Bald Eagles:

This past Tuesday morning, January 4, 2022, I again visited Riverbend Park, located along the Catawba River near Conover, NC, hoping to observe and photograph Bald Eagles.

I had a new 600 mm telephoto lens in tow for the first time!

As has been true during each previous visit to Riverbend Park, I was not disappointed!

I encountered at least one juvenile, and two adult Bald Eagles!

I photographed them from several hundred feet away, across the Catawba River, with my camera tripod-mounted.

I found the initial imaging results with my new lens quite encouraging!

Today, I’d like to share 8 photos of the two adult Bald Eagles, and one shot of a juvenile Bald Eagle.

I’ve also thrown in an image of a multitasking Great Blue Heron, simultaneously flying and sticking out its tongue!


Stay safe, and have a great day!



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