Steven M. Genkins, M.D. (“Seadoc”) is a diagnostic radiologist residing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Since 1988, in his leisure time, Seadoc has pursued his intertwined passions for scuba diving and underwater photography.

Initially exploring the Caribbean Sea, in subsequent years Dr. Genkins has followed his dual avocations worldwide, with particular emphasis on the Indo-Pacific region. He has enjoyed dives at many of the premier dive sites on this beautiful blue planet.

In recent years, Seadoc has expanded his photographic interests to include topside nature, birds and megafauna in particular.

Dr. Genkins created this website in order to share with others, through his images, a representative sample of the remarkable submarine, terrestrial, and airborne Nature which he has been so privileged to have observed over the years. Seadoc hopes that his photographs will provide a viewer with a good idea of the fauna that might be encountered at each location which he has visited.

Please note that, upon request, images are available for purchase by interested individuals, and potentially for donation to not-for-profit organizations.


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