Clarks Creek Nature Preserve

November 9, 2021:

Clarks Creek Nature Preserve Finale:

Today, I’d like to share a few final images from our Mecklenburg Audubon Society visit to Clarks Creek Nature Preserve on the morning of November 2, 2021:

Two photos of Yellow-rumped Warblers; Northern Cardinal; two shots of a Brown Thrasher; two images of Eastern Bluebirds; and a Chipping Sparrow.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

November 6, 2021:

More From Clarks Creek Nature Preserve:

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I’d like to share a few additional images from our productive November 2, 2021, Mecklenburg Audubon Society outing at Clarks Creek Nature Preserve:

Three photos of White-throated Sparrows; House Finch; four shots of Northern Mockingbirds; and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

November 5, 2021:

Clarks Creek Nature Preserve:

This past Tuesday, November 2, 2021, three of us from the Mecklenburg Audubon Society spent the morning birding at our local Clarks Creek Nature Preserve.

As we head into the weekend, here is an initial batch of images from this enjoyable morning:

Two photos of Palm Warblers; four shots of Song Sparrows; Downy Woodpecker; Eastern Phoebe; and a Blue Jay in flight.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

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