McAlpine Creek Park

November 17, 2021:

McAlpine Creek Park Finale:

Today, I’d like to share a final set of images from our productive November 9, 2021, visit to McAlpine Creek Park:

Vesper Sparrow; three photos of Eastern Bluebirds; Belted Kingfisher; Hermit Thrush; Northern Cardinal; two shots of Mallards; and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

November 16, 2021:

More From McAlpine Creek Park:

Today, I’d like to share another set of images from the morning of November 9, 2021 at McAlpine Creek Park:

Four photos of a Great Egret; Yellow-rumped Warbler; Downy Woodpecker; Canada Geese; Ruby-crowned Kinglet; and two shots of Song Sparrows.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

November 15, 2021:

McAlpine Creek Park Rockstar Raptor:

When out birding, I generally most enjoy observing and photographing raptors.

Accordingly, my favorite avian subject during my recent visit to McAlpine Creek Park on November 9, 2021, was an impressive and photogenic Red-shouldered Hawk.

Today, I’d like to share a few images of this Rockstar Raptor!


Stay safe, and have a great day!

November 13, 2021:

McAlpine Creek Park:

The morning of November 9, 2021, was beautiful, crisp, and sunny!

I spent it birding at McAlpine Creek Park, one of my favorite local spots, with a friendly and knowledgeable small group from the Mecklenburg Audubon Society.

We had a fun and productive morning, encountering 41 bird species!

Today, I’d like to share an initial set of images from this outing:

Two photos of a Winter Wren; Great Blue Heron; two shots of Northern Mockingbirds; Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk; three images of Chipping Sparrows; and a small flock of Cedar Waxwings.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

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