Clarks Creek Nature Preserve

November 28, 2020:

Kingfisher Patrol:

Towards the end of my November 16th visit to Clarks Creek Nature Preserve, I encountered a Belted Kingfisher patrolling the Preserve’s small pond.

This species can be a challenge to photograph, particularly when in flight. However, I had pretty good luck on this occasion!

Today, I would like to share several images of the Kingfisher, as well as a few photographs of other avian species:

Seven images of the Belted Kingfisher; Brown Thrasher; Eastern Towhee; and a Red-tailed Hawk.


Stay safe and have a great day!

November 27, 2020:

Blue Jay Day:

Blue Jays have been relatively common around Charlotte, NC this Fall. They are frequently loud and social, and easy to hear and to spot.

However, I’ve learned that they can be somewhat difficult to photograph, often taking off quickly and hiding in trees or bushes.

When I visited our local Clarks Creek Nature Preserve on November 16th, I had unusually good luck photographing the numerous Blue Jays which I encountered.

Therefore, I would like to feature this photogenic avian species in the images that I share today, with a few other photos thrown into the mix:

Five photographs of Blue Jays; two images of a Northern Mockingbird chasing a Blue Jay; Nothern Mockingbird; Red-tailed Hawk; and a Northern Cardinal.


Stay safe and have a great day!

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