Torrence Creek & Little Sugar Creek Greenways

November 23, 2020:

Moving On To Little Sugar Creek Greenway:

Today, to brighten up your day a little, I would like to share several images from the sunny, Little Sugar Creek Greenway, second half of my outing on November 13th:

Two photographs of an Eastern Bluebird; Mourning Doves; two images of a Red-bellied Woodpecker; White-breasted Nuthatch; House Finch; two photographs of Carolina Wrens; and a Northern Cardinal.


Stay safe and have a great day!

November 22, 2020:

More From Torrence Creek Greenway:

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I would like to share several additional images from my November 13th visit to our local Torrence Creek Greenway:

Black Vulture; two photographs of a Wood Thrush; Carolina Wren; White-tailed Deer; Eastern Bluebird; two images of a Downy Woodpecker; American Robin; and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.


Stay safe and have a great day!

November 21, 2020:

After The Deluge:

On November 11th & 12th, our region received anywhere from 5” to 8″ of rain, the remnants of Tropical Storm Eta. This caused numerous local rivers and creeks to flood!

On the morning of November 13th, I visited our local Torrence Creek and Little Sugar Creek Greenways. In both locations, the recent flooding was quite evident.

It was still overcast when I was at Torrence Creek Greenway. However, later in the morning, when I arrived at Little Sugar Creek Greenway, it was finally becoming sunny once again!

Today, I would like to share several images from the overcast early morning at Torrence Creek Greenway:

White-tailed Deer; two photographs of Pine Siskins; Carolina Wren; Eastern Chipmunk; two images of American Goldfinches; Wood Thrush; American Robin; and an Eastern Gray Squirrel.


Stay safe and have a great day!

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