Brunswick County, NC

July 7, 2022:

More From Brunswick County, NC:

Before moving on, I’d like to share a second set of avian images from March 15-16, 2022 in Brunswick County, NC:

Prairie Warbler (Green Swamp Preserve); Wilson’s Plover (Ocean Isle Beach, NC); Herring Gulls (Ocean Isle Beach, NC); Eurasian Collared Dove (Ocean Isle Beach, NC); Sanderlings (Ocean Isle Beach, NC); Boat-tailed Grackle (Ocean Isle Beach, NC); Northern Parula (Juniper Creek Gamelands); Great Crested Flycatcher (Green Swamp Preserve); Prothonotary Warbler (Juniper Creek Gamelands); and Wood Stork (Twin Lakes, Sunset Beach, NC).


Stay safe, and have a great day!

July 6, 2022:

Brunswick County, NC Birding:

I am way behind in reviewing my images from the past several months!

As I get caught up with previously unreviewed batches of photos, I plan to post a few of my favorite shots.

For starters:

On March 16, 2022, I joined a small Mecklenburg Audubon Society group for a day of birding at several locations in Brunswick County, located in the southeast corner of North Carolina.

The previous day, I also did a little birding on my own at Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Today, I’d like to share an initial set of images from this outing:

Two photos of Mama Great Horned Owl & an Owlet; Mama Great Horned Owl with a Squirrel (Twin Lakes, Sunset Beach, NC); Laughing Gull (Ocean Isle Beach, NC); Pine Warbler (Green Swamp Preserve); Willet (Ocean Isle Beach, NC); House Sparrow (Ocean Isle Beach, NC); Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Green Swamp Preserve); Greater Yellowlegs (Ocean Isle Beach, NC); and a Brown Pelican (Ocean Isle Beach, NC).


Stay safe, and have a great day!

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