July 18, 2021:

Back At Home!

We are back at home in Charlotte, NC after a week in Nashville, TN, during which we helped our older son, Daniel, and his dog, Tyrion, move into a cute house which Daniel recently purchased.

At long last, it’s the first residence which HE OWNS!


Now back home, I have resumed reviewing images from earlier in the summer.

Today, I would like to share several photos of our two Barred Owlets, from the evening of June 21st.

During the following two weeks, I didn’t encounter any member of our Barred Owl family in our yard.

To our delight, however, subsequently they have been around intermittently.

The two Barred Owlets, (and a Cooper’s Hawk), greeted us when we returned home last evening!


Stay safe and have a great day!

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