May 25, 2022:

The Barred Owlets Are Out Of The Box!

As recently as Sunday, May 22, 2022, the two Barred Owlets were still in our owl box.

Monday, May 23rd brought thunderstorms and heavy rain throughout much of the day.

When I rechecked the owl box multiple times yesterday, May 24th, I couldn’t see the owlets.

So I assumed that they likely had left the box at some point during the previous day or two.

Finally, last evening, I located Mama Barred Owl and one of her owlets high up in the canopy of our woods, not far from the owl box tree!

Today, I found Mama Barred Owl several times, still high up in the canopy.

However, I was unable to locate either owlet.

I assume that they are both hiding high up in the canopy.

Over the past few years, we’ve learned that for the first couple of weeks outside the box, the Barred Owlets remain high in the canopy, after “branching” their way up there, prior to learning how to fly.

I’ll keep looking in the canopy, trying to find them again.

Patience, locating Mama Barred Owl, and listening for soft wimpering noises made by the owlets, are often helpful to relocate them.

We’ll see!

In the meantime, in chronological order, here are a series of images of Mama Barred Owl and her two Barred Owlets from the past week:

Mama Barred Owl keeping an eye on the owl box on May 18th; three photos of the Barred Owlets, still in the owl box the following day; Mama Barred Owl napping on May 21st; Barred Owlet located high in the tree canopy on May 24th; Mama Barred Owl watching the owlet from close by; Barred Owlet napping on May 24th; Mama Barred Owl preening her owlet a few minutes later; and a final shot of the Barred Owlet from May 24th.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

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