February 26, 2022:

Welcomed Visitors:

Yesterday, Mama and Papa Barred Owls visited our yard!

In the early afternoon, they were both resting in the Nellie Stevens Holly, located adjacent to our master bedroom.

When my camera and I went out to say “Hello!” Papa Owl, who tends to be the more skittish of the two, flew into our woods, where he allowed me to photograph him for a few minutes.

By contrast, Mama Barred Owl calmly rested in the Holly all day. I photographed her there in the early evening, as she was being illuminated by the setting Sun.

Hopefully, they are planning to nest in our Barred Owl Box once again this year.

We’ll see! 🤞

Here are two images of Papa Barred Owl, and three of Mama Barred Owl, from yesterday that I’d like to share.


Stay safe, and have a great day!

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