Carolina Raptor Center

June 26, 2021:

More From The Carolina Raptor Center:

For your amusement today, I’d like to share another set of images from my May 14, 2021 visit to the Carolina Raptor Center:

Four shots of Bald Eagles; Peregrine Falcon; Sharp-shinned Hawk; Loggerhead Shrike; and a Golden Eagle.


Stay safe and have a great day!

June 25, 2021:

Return To The Carolina Raptor Center!

After having not visited for more than a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on May 14, 2021, I returned to the Carolina Raptor Center.

We are fortunate that this world-class raptor hospital, rehabilitation center, and educational facility is located only 25 miles from our home!

I enjoy volunteering as a docent at the Raptor Center, and returned a week ago for my first docent shift in over a year!

As we head into the weekend, I would like to share images of several “Ambassador” birds housed along the “Raptor Trail” of the Carolina Raptor Center, taken during my May 14th visit:

King Vulture; Barn Owl; Great Horned Owl; Chaco Owl; Barred Owl; Common Kestrel; and two shots of an American Kestrel.


Stay safe and have a great day!

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