May 12, 2021:

And Baby Makes Three!

Over the past couple of days, we have confirmed that there is at least one Barred Owlet in our Owl Box!

It has been a challenge to photograph, because it rarely pops up into the opening of the owl box, and when it does so, it is only for a second or two.

We look forward to hours of fun observation in our woods, as the Owlet matures and goes through the fledging process.

Hopefully, there are more than one youngsters in the box. (Last year there were two.)

We’ll see!

Today, I would like to share several images of our Barred Owl family from May 10th and 11th:

Two shots of the Barred Owlet; three photos of Mama Barred Owl; and two images of Papa Barred Owl.


Stay safe and have a great day!

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