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March 13, 2021:

Sidelined At Home For A Day Or Two:

Yesterday, Friday March 12th, at 1:15 PM, I received my second dose of the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine.

I had been given the first dose exactly 4 weeks ago, on Friday February 12th.

With the first vaccination, I only experienced a sore arm for a day or so, but was otherwise asymptomatic.

Not surprisingly, dose #2 has been a different story!

My body’s response has been much more evident, though not dangerous in any way.

Since last night I have experienced a significantly sore arm; a persistant headache; myalgias, (i.e. muscle aches); weakness; and fatigue.

I am pleased, however, because I believe that these symptoms indicate that my immune system is mounting a strong response to the vaccine. Yay!

I am doing my best to let my body “do its thing,” and to not blunt the immune response. Accordingly, I have only taken 1 Tylenol, to make the symptoms more tolerable.

Furthermore, I am confident that all is good, because Mother Nature sent a Barred Owl to rest for most of the day in a tree form Nellie Stevens Holly, located a mere three feet from our Master Bedroom window, the one nearest to the head of the bed.

This Owl has been facing in toward the window, and has been “watching over me.”

On two or three occasions, it has called out to one of its buddies, which I believe has been resting in our wooded side lot, in the vicinity of our Owl House.

Of course, I am hoping that the presence of the two Barred Owls on our property today, indicates that they are seriously considering nesting in our Owl House once again this Spring.

We’ll see!

In any case, I feel so crappy today that I don’t plan to review or post any new images.


I have, however, included a photo of one of the Barred Owls previously resting in this same Holly.


I suspect that I will be back in action in another day or two.

Stay tuned!

Be safe, and have a great weekend!

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