Local Birding Interlude: Little Sugar Creek Greenway

Local Birding Interlude:

Before launching into images from a second excellent day of birding in Bali, I’d like to interpose a little local vignette.

This morning, I left the protective bubble of our home property, and went birding at Little Sugar Creek Greenway, a five minute drive from our house.

It was my longest excursion into the Covid-19 World, since returning home from Indonesia in late March, and I enjoyed it!

The unquestioned stars of the show this morning were Great Blue Herons. I was lucky enough to observe and photograph four or five different individuals. In my imagery today, I tried to emphasize the greatest avian superpower, the ability to fly.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some of my favorite images from this morning’s outing:

Red-shouldered Hawk; eight photographs of Great Blue Herons; a small flock of Canada Geese; a final Great Blue Heron; a pair of Canada Geese; and a Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly.


Stay safe, and have a great day!



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